Affordable Puppy School Brisbane

Sinnamon Vet

65 Ashridge Rd,
Darra QLD 4076

This puppy school runs on Tuesday evenings 7-8pm

Wynnum Bayside Veterinary Surgery

244 Preston Rd
Wynnum West

This puppy school runs on Wednesday evening 7-8pm

Birkdale Veterinary Clinic

106 Birkdale Rd
Birkdale Qld 4159

This puppy school runs on Thursday evening 7-8pm

If you’re looking for a friendly and affordable puppy school in Brisbane, look no further than Harvey Dog Training!

Puppy school is an essential step for ensuring lifelong obedience through rectifying bad habits and behavioural issues early on. Our affordable puppy school in Brisbane aims to set your furry loved one up for life and is the first step in developing a balanced adult dog who is confident, friendly, considerate and well mannered. At Harvey Dog Training, we will train your puppy in a local veterinary clinic to ensure the safety and well-being of your beloved pet, while working on five fundamental areas:

  • Socialisation
  • Toilet training
  • Teething
  • Feeding
  • Basic obedience

Why Attend?

The socialisation and early training is vital while your pup is in the imprint stage, where they’re most open to learning and accepting new situations, experiences and adopting rules and positive habits. The early socialisation and exposure teaches them to appropriately and effectively interact in a safe and controlled environment, which they will carry through to their adult life. The early socialisation phase is detrimental for shaping and moulding a well behaved and obedient pup that is based on positive reinforcement.

For more information on dog training and child safety and awareness, please check out our latest article on the importance of teaching children how to act appropriately around dogs. 

Is your puppy eligible? 

Harvey Dog Training’s affordable puppy school in Brisbane is offered to any dog aged between 8 weeks to 16 weeks, as long as they’ve had their first vaccination. To ensure the comfort and safety of your pup, all classes are held in vet clinics to ensure all pets are in a protected environment. Please note that all pups must be carried from the car into the vet clinic and carried back out to the car once class is complete as they are not fully vaccinated.

What can you expect at Puppy School?

The course runs over a one month period consisting of one hour classes that are held once a week.  All of your pup’s basic behavioural issues will be addressed and covered, including toilet training, mouthing, biting, chewing, diet and how to feed. Each week, we will teach a basic obedience skill, ranging from come, sit, and stay and walking on a lead as well the chance for your pup to socialise with other pups throughout the class.

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